How do Activists invest the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia ? The IDAHO Committee and partners release an analysis

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The IDAHO Committee, ILGA Europe, Transgender Europe and IGLYO release a publication which gives insights on how activists in the region are using the Day as a strategic moment for action, communication and advocacy.
The publication offers a summary of key recommendations and interviews from 30 activists from 23 countries.
Activists share their stories and experience on how the Day acts as a catalyst for alliance building, addressing the media, calling decision makers’ attention, connecting to other activists around the world, and much more.
The publication consists mainly of interviews, in order to make it reader-friendly and accessible.
Discover how Spanish activists got a unanimous recognition of the Day from the Parliament, including the most conservative MPs, and how the Day became one of the biggest annual landmarks for LGBT mobilisation in the UK.
Learn why Turkish organisations made the Day the backbone of their annual strategy and how Albanian activists use the international dimension of the Day to develop their campaigns.
Read how the Dutch government made the Day a focus moment for their International strategies and how Russian activists use it to build a positive and friendly image of the movement.
This and much more in this collection of lively testimonies from the field !

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