Algeria-based LGBT Association initiates photo project on IDAHO

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In Algeria, because of discriminatory laws 333 and 338 of the Penal Code, it seems to be rather difficult or next to impossible to organize Rainbow Flashmobs. Given that the simple gatherings are repressed by the authorities, the idea of ​​bringing LGBT people would be dangerous for their safety.
Despite these constraints, l’Association Alouen carried out action themed “Shapes and Colors”, gathering a few people in major cities across the country to take pictures anonymously. In an objective visibility a cry to “existence” but paradoxically the hidden face, several photos were taken in Algiers, Constantine, Oran and Tlemcen.
In solidarity with Des Formes et des Couleurs (“Shapes and Colors”), LGBT and gay-friendly groups in Algeria took part in the action.
A booklet including these pictures and testimonies of victims of homophobia, biphobia and transphobia has been completed and will be shared on the website of l’Association Alouen and on its Facebook page.
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