Albanian activists bike against homophobia and transphobia

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Gay Ride Tirana – Pedalim kunder Homofobise (17 May 2013)

Dozens of LGBT activists biked on May 17th in the main Boulevard of Tirana with bicycles from Ecovolis, wearing T-shirts that read “Gay (P) Ride Against Homophobia”.
This is the second time that such an event takes place, but this year the number of participants was several times higher. The LGBT activists biked in boulevard accompanied by the police. With was a culminating event of several activities in the frame of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Young boys and girls in this cycling were accompanied by Mr. Totozani, the Albanian Ombudsman. Ms. Baraku the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and representatives of the international community.
After the event was finished, a group of LGBT activists were attacked with tear gas explosive at the premises of a bar in the vicinity of the Academy of Arts, by two unidentified young men.
Xheni Karaj, the director of the Alliance against Discrimination of LGBT persons, who was at the scene said that at least two young men threw into the yard of the premises where the activists were tear balms, that emit a suffocating smoke.

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