The International Lesbian & Gay Cultural Network pre-saluting IDAHOT

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The International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network will be organising a set of events on May 14. Some of their panelists/panels are on Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Pre-salute to IDAHOT 2014 on May 14:
2014 IDAHOT Theme: “Freedom of Expression”
19.00 Folk Lore Centrum Wollmar Xkullsgatan 2 Maria-torget Stockholm
Special guests: Medlemmar av Göteborgs Senior Gruppen
Izzy Young — Ginsberg poetry
Nicolas Hasselquist: — the Unstraight Museum on the road to Belarus, Ukraine
Gay Art Exhibitors – Stockholm: Photographers from China, Canada, Sweden
Freedom of Expression Project Presentations:
A. “Rainbows to Russia:” Spontaneous and mini rainbow flag demonstrations in Stockholm, Tallinn, Helsinki and on board ship on the voyage to St. Petersburg from Stockholm–
— Tupilak, ILGCN Information Secretariat-Stockholm, International Rainbow Seniors – Sweden, Nordic Rainbow Humanists.
— November 2014
B. “Swedish/Nordic/Belarus Queer Culture Days 2014” — Minsk, Stockholm, Umeå, Visby.
— a proposal by Maksim Haikou of Gay Belarus and Bill Schiller of Tupilak/ILGCN, Nordic Rainbow Humanists, International Rainbow Seniors- Sweden.
Mad Monk — Monologue: Rainbow Clouds

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