IDAHOT celebrations in Vietnam

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This year, the Sexual Rights Alliance is preparing events to celebrate the progress the LGBT movement has achieve so far as well as to get together to reinforce spirit.

Photo: From the campaign Tôi Đồng Ý  (‘I Do’)
A reception to celebrate achievements of LGBT movement in Vietnam. This event is organised by Sexual Rights Alliance (CCIHP, LIGHT, CGFED, iSEE, ICS and WPF).
The event will be organised from 15h00 to 17h30 on 15 May 2014. The tentative program is:
15h00: Registration
15h30: Opening speech by UN representative and SRA representative
15h45: Video clip: how Vietnam has changed in protecting LGBT rights
15h50: LGBT representative thank-you speech and guest speech
16h20: Contemporary dance on IDAHOT 2014 theme: Free Expression
16h30: Drinks and finger food and free hang-out
They also encourage other groups in Vietnam to have their own local events to mobilise support from wider society to the campaign “I do” for same-sex relationship.
You can find out more about the campaign here.
A satellite event to launch the report “Negotiating Public and Legal Spaces” that showcases the strategies of LGBT movement in Vietnam is planned on 14th May.

In Vietnam, LGBT movement to gain equality and freedom of expression has been supported by many organizations including Ministry of Justice, Committee of Social Affairs of National Assembly, Institute of Legal Studies, NGOs, and Media. United Nations in Vietnam has been actively supporting this process along with other development partners. This collective effort has contributed significantly to the transformation of public opinion on homosexuality, reduce stigma and discrimination, and create a more friendly and safe environment for LGBT to express their identity freely.

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