Thailand will celebrate IDAHOT with a series of events

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Several organisations and coalitions are in the midst of organising actions for May 17, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. The events will include a campaign for schools and universities around Bangkok targeting bullying and violence against LGBT youth, a ‘Power Rainbow Workshop’ for students, a training about Freedom of Expression to Gender Recognition, an event by students and lecturers of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at the Thammasat University and a campaign to promote Freedom of Expression.

Photo: “School Rainbow” Campaign 2014

“School Rainbow” Campaign School rainbow2

In commemoration of the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia, a coalition of UNESCO and UNAIDS under the leadership of UN Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, who are the key sponsors of the campaign, and Youth Voice Count, APCOM and Youth Lead as supporting partners has prepared the campaign “School Rainbow”. The “School Rainbow” campaign aims to bring attention to bullying and violence experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people in Thailand, and around the world. The campaign will promote the drawing of rainbows, symbolising diversity, around school gates and other settings where youth meet. Planned, orchestrated and executed in partnerships with students, schools, and communities, it will also bring rainbows into the classroom with support from IDAHOT lessons on sexual diversity, acceptance and the right to education. The chalking rainbows action will start on May 12 and go on throughout the week. Several schools and universities already committed to participate in the action, including Thammasat University, Wat Nuannoradit High School, New International School of Thailand (NIST) and the International School of Bangkok (ISB). The photos and videos of the actions will be posted on the campaign’s site. It is also planned to have a action on May 17 itself, where students will also converge upon central Bangkok to chalk a rainbow outside the Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre (BACC) [there might be some changes for this action, updates will be posted here].

‘Power Rainbow Workshop’ for High School and College students

On May 17, the Anjaree Foundation will hold a ‘Power Rainbow Workshop’ for youth (high school and college students) from 1 to 6 PM at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre. The workshop will become a forum for LGBT students to exchange stories of their school life as well as for the educators and students to discuss how to reduce bullying, violence and discriminatory practices within school environment, in particular, and within Thai society, in general. To participate or inquire about the workshop, please contact Khun Baibua at +6688 884 9735. More information can also be found on the event page or Anjaree’s Facebook page.

“Where Everyone Can Express Themselves” Workshop

Cooperating withBangkok Metropolitan Administration and amfAR Foundation for SOGI Rights and Justice, Thai Transgender Alliance (Thai TGA) will conduct a workshop of “Where Everyone Can Express Themselves.” The workshop will be held in Bangkok Art and Cultural Center from noon to 6.30 PM on May 16, a day before “Power Rainbow” workshop mentioned above. The workshop aims to shed light on the freedom and rights of Thai transgender individuals in accessing state public services, private sector services and employment. Public known figures will attend the workshop. Deputy Bangkok Governor, Dr. Bhoodsadee Tamthai, will give an opening remarks. Among the MC and guest speakers are Sarina Thai, Thai trans super model and Poy Treechada, Miss International Queens who is also known as an actress. To attend please RSVP to Kath Khangpiboon at the email: or mobile phone number: 08-9519-3229. You can also go to ThaiTGA’s facebook page to inquire further.

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Thammasat University

Thammasat University

Students and lecturers of the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at the Thammasat University in Bangkok will be organising an event on May 14 to commemorate IDAHOT. [we will update more details soon] Find more information on the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Programme here.


“IDAHOT Selfies: This is me! This is us!” – a campaign of freedom of expression Siam IDAHOT2014

The Bangkok IDAHOT Working group, which was initiated by individual LGBTIQ activists and Rainbow Sky Association Thailand volunteers, Anjaree Foundation, Galaya Club, People’s Empowerment Foundation, and HIV-themed organisation such as SWING and The Poz, will conduct a campaign that is based on the concept of Freedom of Expression and they have chosen to make use of cost-free social media advocacy with their tweaks on the Freedom of Expression concept. This year’s campaign is thus called: “IDAHOT Selfies; This is me! This is us!” They invite the LGBTIQ community and allies to take selfies and post them with the #SiamIDAHOT hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Selfies will be collected into one post-campaign image to create a visual tapestry/representation of LGBTIQ identities in Thailand. Additionally, they will have the “rainbow people” activity again and a small Rainbow March on May 17th to support Anjaree’s Rainbow Power Workshop (see above) at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (time: 1pm os anticipated but might still change). You can find there Facebook page here.

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