Sing against hate: Bring love to your city!

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Have you tested the power of songs and music against hate? Have you ever sang against homophobia? How about dancing against transphobia?

Photo: Argentinian singer Jordana Battaglia
This year numerous community based organisations all over the world are organising concerts, creating music videos, street dance performances and hosting local choirs in dedication to May 17 celebrations. Take a look at all singers, performers and actions and bring music and love to your own city!
Argentinian star Jordana Battaglia will be marking May 17 with a song she dedicates to the LGBT people!
For this May 17, she will be recording a song for the rights of LGBT people as part of her commitment to live in a more just and equal world.
Born in Buenos Aires, the Argentinian singer’s first television appearance was through the reality show “The Voice”, which made her well known in the region. Throughout her musical career, she always collaborated in activities and festivals for solidarity.
Shining Jazzy ChorusShining Jazzy Chorus will hold a shiny IDAHOT performance!
With around 20 regular performing members, the chorus is the largest and the only public performing LGBT chorus in China. With a widely varying repertoire from classical music to folk, jazz and pop, the Chorus’s aim is to challenge preconceptions – both musical and social – in society, while providing a social network for its members and audience.
On May 17 at 3 pm at the Sunrise Hall, Caoyu Theater, they will be performing and singing against hate. Do not miss this chance!
For more info go to their Facebook page.
Germany / Ireland
How about marking May 17 for the love we share with some: Women and classical music? If your answer is yes, The Classical Lesbians are for you!
The Classical Lesbians are a women-only choir from Berlin who came together in 1996 in their joint love for classical music and women. The 25 women hold concerts in Berlin, join the annual Germany-wide gatherings of Women-Lesbian choirs and will go international this June with a performance at the European Gay-Lesbian-Choir Festival in Dublin.
In anticipation of the trip to Dublin, the Classical Lesbians will hold a concert ‘Steps to Various Voices Dublin’ on May 17 in the Begine, a women center in Berlin. The concert will also commemorate the IDAHOT with an announcement about everyday homophobia and transphobia. They not only want to address the worsening of the situation for LGBTI in Uganda, Cameroon and Russia but also the situation in Germany where anti-LGBTI stigmatization and violence are still everyday reality. With this action, they want to make a stance for acceptance of sexual diversity and in particular for the visibility of Lesbians.
For more details on the Classical Lesbians visit their website.
If you are interested in the venue for the May 17 performance, click here.
SchwubsThe Bernese choir Schwubs will be giving a concert on May 17 with the presence of Ministry of Education representatives, UNESCO representatives and politicians from many political parties.
The “Gay Berner singers – Schwubs” were founded in 1992. They played countless concerts in Bern, Zurich, Groningen, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Nuremberg, Berlin, Hamburg, Saarbrücken and Paris!
United Kingdom
A flashmob will be followed by a chain of events at the main station of Bristol at noon with speakers and performances, music and a short vigil / petition signing.
The event will host singing performances from Young People in the EQUAL Forum.
Do not forget to wear purple to draw attention to hate crimes and criminalization of same sex love in many parts of the globe.
You can find more information on their Facebook page.
…and your city!
As we cannot all go to these great performances, we have to bring these events to our cities! Find your local choir and host them at a public or private event, depending on the context of your situation.
Even better? Create your own choir! Love, self-esteem and pride are hidden in expression and performance. May 17 2014 is your day!

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