Paraguay IDAHO Report 2013

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The Day in Paraguay was commmemorated with a Kiss-in outside of the Paraguayan Congress, with pictures of the event shared internationally on social media. Accompanied by music and rainbow flags, the event was widely covered in the national media. “Day to day life is where the discrimination that still characterizes Paraguayan society is felt, in families, schools and the workplace,” affirmed Sergio Lopez, leader of organising group SOMOSGay.
Kiss-in outside the Paraguayan Congress
The organisation SOMOSGAY held a “besatón” (a marathon kiss-in), outside of the Paraguay Congress to denounce discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals and transgender people in the country.
With music and rainbow flags, gay and straight couples, and activists who support Human Rights kissed in downtown Asuncion to call for equal rights for people of all sexual orientations.

Photos of the event

(courtesy of the organisers via facebook)

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