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An interactive session, in continuation of the ongoing celebrations of #IDAHOT was organized by Dareecha male health society on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at Dareecha secretariat.  The audience included prominent faces from Transgender community and main stream civil society. Dareecha`s perspective regarding IDAHOT was also regarding the alliances and advocacy among Civil Society, Community & non community organizations, Dareecha and the community members.
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Message from the organisers:
“Sub Rang & Humraz joined Youth,Trans, Young GSMs, and Civil society around the city to commemorate IDAHOT. The annual IDAHOT commemoration is an important reminder – to all of us – that the issue of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) matters deeply for sustainable development. It matters because it is about fighting discrimination and promoting social inclusion. Our proposed agenda to showing Documentaries, playing Trans animated Video, Story telling, Open mic and Q/A session worked had been concluded that We never have only one characteristic by which we self-identify, or by which others identify us. We have multiple identities by which society recognizes us, as well as how we identify ourselves – be it real or perceived – our race, our gender, our ethnicity, our “SOGI”, and many more. This is where the theme of IDAHOT 2018 comes in: The shared exclusion helps us understand that we need to have one another’s back – through creating powerful alliances.”
From the organisers
“IDAHOTB 2018 !
This Year theme is “Alliances for Solidarity” as 2018 global theme. Every year the global community of sexual and gender minorities identifies one specific focus issue for the celebrations around May 17th.There should be no hate against any gender.
I did not have budget but i had passion and good hopes to celebrate this important day with the theme so i invited some community members to made some art work with message and visiting our trans community to show solidarity with them, We visited traffic signals where they were begging and visited derahs to show solidarity regardless of any age , class or religion .Community members appreciated and showed solidarity to have alliance with community to end trans phobia not only in Pakistan but also in the world.
#IDAHOT2018 #AlliancesforSolidarity #EndTransphobia #RespectallGendersAndSexuality #TransRights”
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