Our annual summary report brings stories and pics from around the IDAHOT planet

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The IDAHOT 2015  summary report brings you information and pictures from all continents on the most creative and exciting actions which marked this year’s May 17 celebrations.

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A photo slide show with iconic images of this year’s mobilization is also available on our Facebook page (follow the link, then click on any image and take the tour!)
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Some first key figures for this year:

– With Laos, Bhutan and St Marteen (Dutch Caribbean), the total number of countries where activists have taken action on IDAHOT is now 128 (on all continents)! The Day confirms to be a relevant moment for action around the planet, including in very difficult contexts: this year, actions took place in 38 countries that have criminal sanctions against homosexuality.
– In 33 countries, the global focus issue on LGBTI Youth was at the center of attention, with school children and students mobilizing creatively, from fingernail painting to mass same-sex wedding, for their rights. See more detailed info in our special report
– The Day was marked by nearly 200 events in 19 Brazilian States; over 300 municipalities raised the rainbow flag in Belgium; at least as many rainbow flags flew over the UK among many other events organised by LGBT groups and their allies; dozens of events were organized in the Philippines and Thailand. Events took place in all countries in Latin-America; in Australia, massive mobilization across schools and universities resulted in an estimated 342 initiatives.
All in all, it looks like last year’s figure of 1655 events will be at least equalled.
– This year, the IDAHO Committee’s website registered 265 000 pages views, with visitors from 171 countries
– The day got trending on social media in many places. On an average, 1130 items per hour related to the Day (in English an Spanish alone) were recorded on social media on the 48 hours around May 17th across the world. Professional monitoring services indicated that the total social reach (termed ‘impressions’) of the activity related to IDAHOT was of 808.6 million
This year again, May 17 has indeed been a true celebration of creativity and courage of thousands of activists worldwide !
ps :We are still collecting information and pictures from around the world. If you have information to share on local events, please get in touch with us at contact@dayagainsthomophobia.org

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