Nicaragua IDAHO Report 2013

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A range of activities took place in the capital city, Managua, for May 17, as part of Nicaraguan LGBTI activists’ campaign ‘April 26 – May 17 – June 28′ (April 26 being National Day of Lesbian Visibility and June 28 the anniversary of the Stonewall riots). Highlights included hundreds of Nicaraguans marching against homophobia and transphobia in Managua, with rainbow flags and shouting slogans demanding an end to discrimination.

Report also available in Spanish.

May 17 March in Managua

LGBTI groups in Nicaragua came together for a march through the main streets of the capital city on May 17th, united under the theme ‘For Respect and Dignified Treatment of LGBTI People in Nicaragua’ (which is also the theme for the campaign April 26 – May 17 – June 28). This activity was organized by the National Bureau LGBTI of Nicaragua & the group ANDISEX, with the participation of organizations, groups and LGBTI activists and their allies and partners in women’s movements and other organizations of society.
The march started at 15:30, at Rotunda Cristo Rey, and moved westward over the square of resistance, through the National Police Headquarters, and ended in the vicinity of the Rotunda of Metrocenter.

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