New UN Video “The Time Has Come” on Global Fight for Sexual & Gender Rights

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The new 30 minute documentary features a very wide range of activists and policy-makers from around the world, reflecting on the international fight for rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity, at the United Nations in particular. The question of culture and gender/sexuality features particularly strongly, as people from diverse societies examine what LGBTQI identities and politics mean, in a world structured by unequal power relations and the ongoing oppression of many indigenous communities, for example.
The documentary has already been widely acclaimed by various LGBTQI activists who have described it as “inspiring”, “powerful” and “a real pleasure to watch”.
It was first screened at a UN Human Rights Council side-event and video premiere, convened by Arc International and ILGA, on June 5 2013 in Geneva, and has since been made available online. You can view it in full here:
Organisers advised that ‘The side-event was very well-attended and the comments of human rights defenders and the interactive dialogue with States and stakeholders were inspiring and informative.’ The side event was co-sponsored by the missions of Brazil, France, Norway, Poland and South Africa, and was well attended by States, NGOs and UN representatives.
The videographers are all human rights defenders from the Caribbean and Africa. The video was made possible by Arc International, with support in co-production from Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights.
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