Indonesia IDAHO Report 2013

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Various LGBT organisations in 5 cities in Indonesia coordinated by the Forum LGBTiQ Indonesia will conduct series of events on May 2013 to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia.
The overarching 2013 IDAHO message in Indonesia is ”Stop Homo/Trans-phobic Bullying and any form of violence and discrimination against LGBT persons!”
Series of Activities that will be conducted are:
1. Online Media Campaign using the Global Hashtag #IDAHO2013 and the National Hashtag #IDAHO2013ID starting from 1 May 2013,
2. Street action in Jakarta: Carnival, Street Parade, and Flashmob,
3. Public signing of a white banner with Indonesia’s 2013 IDAHO message during street action in Jakarta,
4. Handout of leaflet & rainbow souvenirs during all events in Jakarta,
5. Launching of a Two Years report on Cases of Violences and Discriminations against LGBT persons in Indonesia. This event will take place in Jakarta,
6. Book re-launching ”the Rights to Work of Transgender People is the State’s Responsibility”. This event will take place in Jakarta,
7. LGBT In campus seminar in Medan,
8. LGBT Gathering, Viral Campaign, and LGBT Goes to Campus in Jogjakarta,
9. LGBT Gathering, Musical Performance, and Film Screening in Makassar, and
10. Public performances, talk show, testimony, and LGBT night in Surabaya.

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