IDAHOT Report 2016: Lebanon

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Lebanon this year saw a wonderful range of events, that not only had a strong focus on mental health and wellbeing, but also provided one of the best selection of actions from across the Middle East.
In Beirut, the Lebanese Psychological Association launched a public statement to mark the day. The statement called upon policy makers and the psychology community to rethink their stance towards LGBT sexualities and mental health, in particular calling for the end of patholagisation that still remains across the region. The message will be shared both online and among mental health professionals and the LPA network, and will hopefully help foster a national dialogue surrounding issues of sexual and gender identity.
Also in Beirut, local campaign group Helem held a number of events from the 12th until 17th of May. As well as a film screening and public discussion the event will also feature a panel discussion on media representations of LGBT individuals in Lebanon. National LGBT group Proud Lebanon also marked the day with a film screening and expert panel on discrimination and stigma.
On a national level Proud Lebanon also released an online video against discrimination. The video features Lebanese celebrities and notable figures and hopes to address some of the issues faced by the LGBT community. The video is available online, with English and French subtitles.
proud lebanon celebrity video

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