IDAHOT Report 2016: Armenia


Activists from a number of groups in Armenia this year came together to provide a program of joint actions and events to mark IDAHOT 2016. Led by Pink Armenia and with the support of New Generation NGO, the main event featured a film screening and public presentation by members of the local community on their personal experiences living as LGBT Armenians. The program also featured a special presentation to media outlets, during which questions were fielded by journalists to campaigners.
Throughout the IDAHOT week New Generation NGO also launched a campaign calling for legal reform and anti-discrimination laws within Armenia designed to protect the LGBT community, and other marginalized members of society. A number of infographics and online resources were also released, designed to improve education and change perceptions of LGBT individuals.
The organisation Right Side has also held a commemorative events. Reports and photos here
On May 17 campaigners also took part in a provocative public performance, aimed at highlighting discrimination towards the LGBT community. Video of this are available here.

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