IDAHOT Report 2014: Peru

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Peru is a country with major unresolved issues over the legal and social recognition of the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. However, the visibility and organisation of LGBT activism has grown significantly recently, as was made evident in events for the IDAHOT 2014 – with various, diverse events held across the country.

The Christian Community Ecumenical and Inclusive El Camino held a vigil and global prayer event for the victims of homophobia and transphobia. “We understand that God is for everyone… in this sense we believe that no person should suffer for having a sexual orientation and/or identity other than straight”, declared the representative of organization.
The Peruvian LGBT Network and Director of the Center for the Promotion and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights (Promsex) presentated their ANNUAL REPORT ON HUMAN RIGHTS LGBT 2013-2014. The launch of the report took place at the Convention Center of the Medical College of Peru on Friday, May 16.
Meanwhile, the organizations Homosexual Movement of Lima and the Peruvian Network of Masculinities in Peru performed around May 17, a workshop for friends of LGBT people and a bike ride for equality. It was held on May 18 to show their support for Equality and for rejection of any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Peruvian activists discuss the role of the media in promoting diversity and LGBT equality.

The CHER organization of Peru made ​​the launched a new media campaign at the Loreto region. On the 18, 19 and 20 of May they conducted an artistic action in major urban squares and in the commercial center of the city, with an artistic rendering of 7 people with the colors of the LGBT pride flag. Finally, to close their IDAHOT actions, on May 21st, they held a press conference at a public university with guests speaking on strategies in schools to prevent homophobia.
The organization It Gets Better (Todo Mejora Peru) organised a video premiere, in a major event which featured the participation of the ambassadors of Spain, France, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. On the group’s online platforms they also conducted a workshop for LGBT people entitled “Homophobia: How to neutralize its impact on our lives”. You can watch the video here:

Finally the organization of Lima Plural Peru held an academic event on May 8 at the Cultural and Academic Center UPCH in the city of Lima. The point of it was to analyze the treatment given to victims of racism, gender oppression and LGBT violence and hatred in Peru, through the media: press, radio, TV and digital.
Questions were asked such as “Are appropriate terms used and are they non-discriminatory?”; “How is the issue of civil unions addressed?”; “What is the focus on racism and gender like”?
They also created a space in which people could discuss the role of the media in order to advance greater social inclusion, with full rights of persons belonging to sexual minorities and of all.

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