IDAHOT Report 2014: Mexico

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Once again, events for the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 were held throughout Mexico, affirming May 17 as a vital date in the country’s LGBTI rights calendar.

Mexican President supports the Day online
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto marked the Day with a special Tweet from his account @EPN in which he stated “Because we are making of Mexico a country of equality and non-discrimination, we celebrate for the first time the National Day Against Homophobia”.
In April 2014, Mexico became the latest nation to officially recognise May 17, as the ‘National Day Against Homophobia’, by presidential decree.

Mexican president supports the IDAHOT 2014 via his twitter account.

Week of events by various groups, May 12-17

Meanwhile the group Reacciona México de México DF, together with Inspira el Cambio AC, and the Institute of the Federal District Jueventud, amongst other partners coordinated ​​the series of events “Turn me Purple” which took place from 12 to 17 May in the City of Mexico.
The organization Colectivo Seres from Guanajuato city, Mexico held the 5th meeting for Sexual Dissidence which also included activities from 12 to 17 May.

National Survey on Discrimination and Labour

Also, with the aim of learning more about the current situation of discrimination against LGBTI people in Mexico, a set of state actors, community organizations and private sector companies coordinated and presented the ‘National Survey on Discrimination and Labour’. The organizers of this initiative were Espolea and Enehache Forum, in collaboration with the Mexican National Human Rights Commission.
The presentation of the Survey was made on the IDAHOT in order to encourage media, civil society and the general public awareness around the situations that LGBT people face at work. You can watch a video of events here:

British council offices back major event
One of the events organized for the Day took place at the British Council offices in Mexico, which organized a roundtable discussion. It was attended by civil organizations, musicians, media, and local and federal government figures. Participants included:

  • Ricardo Baruch Espolea.
  • Iván Gómez Tagle, coordinator of LGBT Youth Mexico .
  • The singer Jaime Kohen.
  • Lena Milosevic, Director of British Council Mexico.
  • Jacqueline L’ Hoist, president of COPRED.
  • Irasema Conapred Zavaleta.
  • Carlos Ramos who talked about discrimination and mental health.

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