IDAHOT Report 2014: Guyana

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In observance of International Day Against homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) launched the Self(ie) Expression Album on Facebook on Monday, May 13 and the SASOD Cine Campaign at Moray House on Friday, May 16, 2014.

A statement from SASOD now follows:
SASOD capitalized on this year’s theme and launched the self(ie) expression album as a free expression zone on its Facebook page. For two weeks individuals were encouraged to send their selfies with a statement tackling homophobia and transphobia. The response was overwhelming as we received more than 150 photos from persons, and organizations both locally and abroad saying no to homophobia and transphobia and calling for LGBT equality. Those messages served as a source of encouragement and inspiration for the local LGBT community.
SASOD’s signature event for commemorating this global day was the launch the SASOD Cine Campaign which highlights issues of violence and discrimination meted out to members of the LGBT Community. The Campaign is made up of documentaries which exemplify exactly what the day was created to highlight.
The campaign is innovative and interactive and utilizes film technology and social media to highlight issues of homophobia and transphobia affecting LGBT Guyanese which deter them from accessing healthcare and other basic social services. The documentaries will be aired on local television stations and online. The SASOD Cine Campaign blog was also launched, the blog will serve as a platform for the dissemination of information about the campaign and documentaries.

LGBT communities, allies and officials gather for IDAHOT 2014 commemorations in Guyana.

Social media campaign in Guyana for IDAHOT 2014.

“These messages of hope and solidarity are a source of encouragement and inspiration to LGBT Guyanese and citizens who support equality and human rights for all people.” – SASOD Co-Chair, Ulelli Verbeke, IDAHOT 2014.

“Violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity are not only human rights violation themselves, but they have an insidious effect on other basic rights issues like access to healthcare and other basic social services. There should be no place for hate in Guyana.” – SASOD Advocacy and Communications Officer, Schemel Patrick, IDAHOT 2014.

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