IDAHOT events in the United States

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Across the United States, LGBTQI activists, allies and friends will be commemorating the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia with a variety of actions. Here are just a few of the events that will be happening on and around IDAHOT, including a Add Your Voice action in New Orleans, a party celebrating sexual and gender diversity in Omaha and a rally against Homophobia and Transphobia, also in Omaha.

Photo: Stop Homophobia and Transphobia rally, hosted by Nebraskans for Equality
Pride New Orleans will be celebrating IDAHOT on May 17 with ‘ADD YOUR VOICE! TELL YOUR STORY!’
The organisers have prepared a day of action which will aim towards three things:pnoc-logo-14

  • Call for the end of hate and call for full federal equality
  • Give space to share your story
  • The Equality Pledge, how to get involved and what to do next will be discussed during and after the event.

The event will start at 2:00pm and takes place at Washington Artillery Park French Quarter in New Orleans on May 17.
For further details please go to the Pride New Orleans website or visit them on Facebook.
IDAHOT ~ Celebrating Sexual & Gender Diversities
In Omaha, the House of Loom will host a IDAHOT party under the theme ‘Celebrating Sexual & Gender Diversities’ on May 17, 10pm-2am (the event is for 21+ only)
► DJ Raven Fox via NYC/St Louis + Brent Crampton
► Hosts Karma Lilola & Nicholas Wasserberger
► Lip painter/photo booth for #kissthepride campaign
► $5 / All proceeds will be donated to –

To celebrate, we’re bringing in our near and dear friend, Mr. Raven Fox from NYC via St. Louis. He was a friend and assistant to Artist Keith Haring in the 80’s and has strong ties to many civil rights movements. This is an old but new mission, one which we hope will take shape in the fo of weaving the social fabric through dance with this journey led by Maestro Raven Fox in the booth.
We’re also bringing in some of our favorite LGBT ally performers to entertain you – Karma Lilola & Nicholas Wasserberger of The Church of Tomorrow. Open DJ set from Brent Crampton.

For details on the event, please visit their homepage or check it out on Facebook.USA1
Stop Homophobia! Stop Transphobia!
A rally has been organised to call for the end of hate and call for full federal equality. The event will be in Omaha, Nebraska at 72 Dodge Street Intersection the northwest corner at 2pm. During and after will be a time to discuss the Equality Pledge, how to get involved, and what to do next. The rally will begin at 2pm.
For further details check out the event page.
For more information about the Pledge you can read this article or go directly to website.

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