IDAHOT Events 2016: Switzerland

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Organisations in Switzerland have created a specific IDAHOT FB page and an interactive map to report on MAY 17 activities across the federation.
From parties to conferences, the celebrations will span over 13 locations. In the Eastern part of the country, the national HIV prevention organisation AHSGA will screen special IDAHOT messages in their trains, encouraging safe same-sex flirting!
The city of Geneva is again doing its annual campaign against LGBT-phobias on the weeks around IDAHOT, to join the global mobilisation around May 17.
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The campaign aims to fight against the use of derogatory terms used against LGBT people by promoting the visibility of neutral terminology in the six languages most commonly spoken in Geneva: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Albanian and Arabic. Sensitization actions will take place from 9th to 26th of May in the streets, at the University of Geneva and in several organizations, also those working with migrants. Read more on Posters in all languages can be downloaded in high resolution.

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