IDAHOT Events 2015: Nigeria

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In Nigeria, the Women’s Health and Equal Rights (WHER) Initiative, Nigeria have prepared their first WHER event to commemorate the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) while TIER has launched a new website.

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In line with the global focus of IDAHOT this year on LGBTQI Youth the Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative, Nigeria decided on the theme of “Speaking Louder Than the Silence” to celebrate IDAHOT on May 17. The goal was to provide a platform for five young sexual minority women to share their lived experiences as young sexual minorities living in Nigeria and how they navigate Nigerian society. 

Report by WHER:

Objective of the activity: To raise awareness of young lesbian, bisexual and other sexual minority women’s issues and to empower them through the sharing of personal experiences on how they are able to navigate Nigerian This year’s focus was on young women below age thirty.
Six young women shared different aspects of their life stories, from discovering that they are different, accepting their orientation to dealing with societal stigma especially from their families, friends, and homophobic laws and policies. They shared their challenges, fears and happy moments; they also shared their hope for the future and their re-established commitment to the community.
The event concluded with the screening and discussion of the movie ‘PRIDE’ which showcased the struggles of LGBTI activists in the United Kingdom in the summer of 1984. Their support/campaign for the Miners’ strike and how in this process, each of them went through certain levels of self-awakening and discovery. At the end of the movie, participants felt a deep sense of connection with the movie characters.. They also shared their thoughts about the movie which revolved mostly around the importance of working in solidarity with other minorities, openness, leadership and self-acceptance.


NOSTRINGS PODCAST, a weekly LGBTIQ podcast in Nigeria planned to have a series of shows throughout the week leading up to May 17th. Unfortunately, the podcast did not get a chance to talk to certain individuals as part of the scheduled activities for the IDAHOT event, but alternatively participated in the IDAHOT campaigns by creating a banner that was circulated on social media pages i.e. Facebook and twitter.

NOSTRINGS PODCAST is an LGBTIQ weekly podcast that operates in the form of a traditional radio program; it features periodic interviews with members of the LGBTI Community in Nigeria, as well as talk sessions on LGBTIQ issues, targeting mostly issues concerning members of the LGBTIQ Community in Nigeria. NOSTRINGS is the first of its kind, creating quality and original media (audio & text) contents concerning the LGBTIQ Community in Nigeria. The podcast takes into cognizance the social, economic, religious, and political challenges associated with sexuality and sexual health, especially as it relates to LGBTIQ Persons.

NoStrings’ blog.


IDAHOT celebrations by TIER, The Initiative for Equal Rights.

Report by TIER:

TIERs celebrated the 2015 IDAHOT Day, which focuses on LGBTI youth globally and the need to fight for visibility, respect and equality.
The organization released a press release, which highlights the human rights violation, that LGBT persons faces and the plight of LGBT youths ( The press release was shared with all media contacts and relevant stakeholders within the Nigeria.

TIERS celebrated the 2015 IDAHOT day through the launching of its microsite, that is dedicated to providing alternative platforms for LGBT voices as they continue to struggle for the recognition, promotion and protection of LGBT rights in Nigeria, this site also give the opportunity for LGBTI persons in Nigeria to share their experiences. The site will also be open and available for resource download for personal or research purposes as part content would include notable instruments or laws that are promulgated, articles and speeches that have been made by local, regional, and international bodies or State and Non-state actors/stakeholders in support of LGBT rights (


TIERs launched its toll free lines to help in bridging the gap services online and real time on linkages and provision of services for LGBT persons which includes but not limited to legal aid, counseling on sexuality issues, referral to other services like psychosocial services, LGBTI friendly health care facilities, HIV testing and counseling, and legal support (
The launch of the site was announced through a media buzz that lasted for 7 days on the social media through tweeter and other online media platforms.
This media buzz included public opinion influences that help in tweeting about the site and the toll free lines, this help to create awareness about the site and the telephone lines

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