IDAHOT events 2015: Nepal

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[box type=”note” ]We are still busy collecting information on this year’s IDAHOT activities and are waiting to hear back from activists and event organisers. If you have information to share with us, please write us at[/box]

As LGBT rights activists and allies around the world celebrated IDAHOT – the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – Mitini Nepal, a lesbian rights organisation based in Kathmandu, set up a community kitchen to provide food for its members and others who are camping in an open plot of land near their office since the earthquakes that have hit Nepal over the last few weeks.

This is about showing solidarity over the fear that the multiple quakes and aftershocks have engendered, offering a basic meal once a day to ensure that people get some nourishment while they examine their options and organise their next steps. This recreates the services of social space and food that Mitini used to provide from their office, which is no longer a safe base from which to work as the surrounding buildings have been badly damaged. Today Mitini are buying tarps and bamboos and will set up the space, ready to start providing a simple meal of rice and dal and vegetables to those on site tomorrow morning. In addition, they will offer tea and biscuits in the evenings.

Announcement on June 6th:

Its been almost 20 days .And tomorrow we are going to close our Community Kitchen. Thank you make up 2 make up , peter, Shaun for your great support for our Community. We got lots of experience as well as we met our friends who are far from us and this Community Kitchen help us to gather those friends who are victimize by this earthquake. we are successfully do the work for our people with full of love and peace. Also we have organize the program for all the people of Lazimpat and others. In this program we entertain by showing our inner talent throughout this program we only want to refresh for the people who are scared with earthquake and also we aware about earthquake and give some information about LGBT Community. We got lots of achievement from these 20 days. We saw positive changes, their support, their thinking and many more. This program is the bridge for our society to change their negative thoughts for LGBT Community.

During the community kitchen, the team also organised social and informative events.



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