IDAHOT Events 2015: Belarus

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[box type=”note” ]We are still busy collecting information on this year’s IDAHOT activities and are waiting to hear back from activists and event organisers. If you have information to share with us, please write us at[/box]

In Belarus, the IDAHOT-2015 day was celebrated with a great event for journalists and activists on May 18th in the city centre of Minsk.

Around 20 journalists and activists gathered for the Russian ‘Children-404’ documentary presentation and a skype-conference with the film co-producer Askold Kurov. The film had a great impression on the event participants. They put a lot of questions to the film co-author, regarding the film background and its outcome.

Following the film presentation and the skype-conference, a mini-presentation of a creative brochure on Correct LGBT Coverage in Mass Media with dozens of hints to journalists and editors was delivered by its author Aleh Razhkou. More details here.

Photo credit: Yuliya Kalodkina, LGBT BJG
Photo credit: Yuliya Kalodkina, LGBT BJG

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