Grand Flores de Mayo Pride Festival in Quezon City, Philippines


In a joint effort, the Proj8 LGBT Association, the Quezon City Pride Council and the LGBTS Church Inc present “Grand Flores de Mayo Pride Festival 2014” on May 17th at 5pm at Brgy. Sangandaan, Proj 8, Quezon City, Philippines.

Photo source: Quezon City Pride Council Facebook page
Grand Flores de Mayo Pride (or SaGaylahan Festival)  is a mobile event comprised of a two-kilometer walk of paraders around Barangay Sangandaan, Proj 8 Quezon City, Philippines, and a final program of award winning, speeches from supporters, followed by some musical and dance numbers.
The main participants are the Sagalistas- about 50 dozen persons dressed up in flowery feminine gowns and parading alone or accompanied by male-identified escorts known as the Konsortes. Each Sagalista is encouraged to have either a canopy or an arch designed by each participating group with a statement for social awareness and call for acceptance and/or with the title of the Sagalista e.g. Reyna Elena, Reyna Emperatriz, Reyna Delas Flores. The canopy or arch is carried by a number of assistants, depending on the size. In between the Sagalistas and Konsortes are other paraders holding lighted candles, lamps and flower bouquets. Some groups can bring their banners and signage for their own statements or call, such as Marriage Equality, Passing of the Anti-Discrimination Bill etc. The parade ends at the designated plaza and the Sagalistas and their Konsortes are introduced on stage. After the parade, awards are given to best gowns, the prettiest Sagalista, best canopies/arches and other categories.
For more information of the event and to register for the Pride visit the event’s Facebook page.
For more details on the Quezon City Pride Council, visit their page.
You can find more information on the Proj8 LGBT Association on Facebook.
LGBTS Christian Church Inc homepage can be found here.
Gran Flores de Mayo, Philippines

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