Feminism means connecting with lesbians and other women in solidarity

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“Feminism matters because
…it is the ground I stand on to desire and act toward the world without discrimination of all types. In everyday life it means to connect with lesbians and other women in solidarity and actions smashing patriarchy and capitalism! Now!
…feminist politics led me to became anti- fascist and anti-war activist in my town Belgrade, from where the war started. Radical Feminism is politics from which I understood the context of violence against women and worked for 20 years as a feminist counselor for women who survived male violence and war in supporting the increase of their authority.
…it inspires responsibility of citizen in me, as a 60 year old white asphalt dyke, to share my privileges – bread and roses with some other lesbians, women & girls and dance together. Around the world, with the tender touch of Luna the Moon on our faces.”
Lepa Mladjenovic, Belgrade

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