European LGBT Youth Groups to Hold Major May 17 Event in Budapest

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IGLYO, in cooperation with the No Hate Speech campaign, and the Youth Department and Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity unit of the Council of Europe, will be coming together to fight hate speech against LGBT people, for May 17, 2014.

The 5-day seminar, will be held from the 14th – 18th May, in Budapest, Hungary.
The goal of the event is to develop responses to Homophobic and Transphobic Hate Speech affecting Young People.
Organisers explained: ‘During the seminar and in the movement there will be prepared some actions to be implemented by activists all over Europe. The aim of the seminar is, amongst others, to get people and organisations not used to work with lgbtqi issues to take the next step towards human rights for all… The topic of IDAHOT “Freedom of Expression” is very relevant when talking about Hate Speech. It’s a question of how you use your freedom of expression. Do you use it to promote human rights and social cohesion or to spread hate and dehumanize lgbtqi?’
They also added: ‘The seminar will explore the challenges faced by young people who are targeted by hate speech because of their sexual orientation and gender identity and how to develop adequate responses to such homophobic and transphobic expressions.’
Applications to participate in the conference should be submitted by April 7, 2014.
For more information (including applications) please see this page on the IGLYO site.

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