Bosnia and Herzegovina IDAHO Report 2013

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Activists involved in various LGBTIQA associations in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, commemorated May 17 2013, with diverse cultural and political events from May 13 – 19. Actions included an IDAHO media campaign, film screenings, workshops, music show, lecture, info session for journalists and a community recycling event. Activists also organised for grass-roots led radio coverage of events around the Day.
Organisers linked to the group Okvir advised ‘By celebrating this day we want to point out importance of our everyday struggle and acting in solidarity against homo/transfobia in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We believe that each person, despite their sexual orientation, gender identity or stepping out in any other way from heteropatriarchal norm, has the right to live their life freely surrounded by love, understanding and support and without fear or pressure from society. We invite you to join us in celebrating International Day Against Homo/Transphobia and creating better world for all of us.’

header-300x57Okvir group banner; Source.

Their full programme was as follows:
Activities for Friday, May 17th by OKVIR and friends
1. Music by Glitter Decadence
Great music from Noise Wimmin’s folder!
2. FOOD NOT BOMBS – vegan lunch by BAZA 13h – 15h
Lunch will be for donations and there would be a donation box (donations will be used to cover cost for ingredients for lunch). Donations are more than wellcome, but not obligatory.
3. Free shop TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT 13h – 18h
The main principle of free shop TAKE IT OR/AND LEAVE IT is circulation of USABLE stuff that you can find in your closets, attics, basements, shelves, balconies… So you can bring stuff that you no longer need, but you find it could be useful for somebody else. Taking stuff is not preconditioned with how much you brought or if you brought anything at all… You can bring clothes, footwear, books, sheets, bags, rucksacks, rainbow jewelery, toys, social games, cookware, household stuff, mobile phones, computer or parts for it,… basically ANYTHING! It’s only important is that is usable! One person’s thrash is another person’s treasure! :)
4. Having coffee with activist Slobodanka Boba Dekic 16:30h – 17:15h
Chillin’ and different dilemmas spillin’ with Boba :)
5. Lecture “Queer on Movie” by Aleksandar Stojakovic 18h – 20h
Homoeroticism in movies is as old as movies themselves. During this lecture we will hear about history of homoeroticism on movie screen, how homosexuality is presented in homophobic society, until LGBT emancipation and stereotypes of lesbian and gay characters; which are influential gay movies, directors, actors and actresses; what is the relevance of movies as art for sexual freedoms. Lecturer: Aleksandar Stojakovic (Center for Queer Studies, Belgrade), member of editorial staff of magazine for queer theory and culture “QT”.
6. Rainbow party @22h until we fall asleep, music by fantastic Glitter Decadence and DJ BunnyBoy!

Activists in the city also held a series of events at the Sarajevo Open Centre

This included a dedicated media campaign around IDAHO – more info about that can be found by downloading this pdf, courtesy of activists behind
For more details in general about these events see where there are also a set of videos available for view. The full programme of events, which took place at the Centre ares listed in the table below:

Activities Description When? Who? Where?
Media campaign: Neka ljubi ko god koga hoce (Let everyone kiss whomever they want) First time in B&H will be organized media campaign (video messages, radio jingles, campaign on the social networks) about raising awareness and fight against homophobia and transphobia in Bosnian-Hercegovina society. In this campaign they will participate public persons from B&H, and also relevant persons from the LGBT scene throughout EU (including the European MPs, Ulrike Lunacek and Marie Cornelissen) From May the 13th till the 19th

Sarajevo open centre


Video messages:

SOC youtube channel


Radio Jingle:

Radio Sarajevo

Ness radio Banja Luka

Online campaign on social networks

Info session with Sarajevo journalists

Info session with journalists about the importance of IDAHO, in which it will be also presented media campaign of Sarajevo open centre. On the info session will be Marina Milković, activist from organization Zagreb Pride. She will talk about their experience regarding fighting against homophobia and transphobia in Croatia. We will also present our annual journalist award that will be given out on Dec 10th to the journalist that have had a positive and objective reporting on LGBT issues during 2013. May the 17th

12 o’clock

Sarajevo open centre

Marina Milković

Organisation Zagreb Pride

Lejla Huremović

Sarajevo open centre

The exact location/venue will be determined soon

Workshops for the LGBT persons: Coming out

Interactive workshop for LGBT persons and their friends on theme: “Coming out”

May the 18th12-15 o’clock

Sarajevo open centre

facilitator: Marina Milković

Organisation Zagreb Pride

Sarajevo open centre

Cobanija 12

Discussion: LGBT activism in region

Discusion for LGBT persons and their friends on theme: “LGBT activism in region”

May the 18th16-17 o’clock

Sarajevo open centre

Panelists: Marina Milković and SOC activists

Sarajevo open centre

Cobanija 12

IDAHO gay-str8 party

58th Gay-Str8 party in the FISkultura M ay the 17th

From 22 oclock

Sarajevo open centre

FISkultura, Musala bb., Sarajevo


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