“Activism” in spotlight in Lebanon’s May 17 actions

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The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Lebanon will be celebrated as a whole day on Saturday May 17, 2014. Activists will discuss the major developments that happened since last May in Lebanon.

This year’s event will focus more on the activism itself, and will have two panels of experts that will be speaking on the events of last year as well as the future of the LGBT movement in Lebanon. They hope to reach out to communities and groups that they have not reached out to before.
“There will be fun activities and performances, but never fear!”
The event is open to public. The organizers welcome all your suggestions and comments!
Activities and Engagement
Panel I: Trans* bodies within Lebanese Medical and Legal Agencies
• Youmna Makhlouf – Attorney
• Roudna Najm – Psychologist
• Nancy Siblini – Helem Activist
Panel II: LGBT Rights in 2013 and the Road Ahead
• Legal Agenda – Attorney
• Nadim Houry – HRW MENA Deputy Director
• Helem Activist
• Anthony Khoury – Adonis
You can find more information on Facebook.

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