2020 Country Page – Italy

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Event: #IDrAwHOBIT
Direction: What to do?
– Draw something that represents for you the fight against discrimination towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, intersex, asexual, trans*, non binary peopale
– Send it to us via direct on @peopall Instagram or via pm on Peopall – Cassero Facebook. We will publish it and tag your social accounts
– Alternatively you can post it on Instagram or Facebook profile, tag us and use the hashtag #IDrAwHOBIT
Date: 11-17 May 2020
Info: 17th May 2020 we will celebrate the International Day against discriminations based on gender and sexual orientation.
We cannot go out to the streets, but we are not going to stop. The message we want to send will have to walk on means other than our bodies… Then why not pencils?

The group Peopall Cassero launches the campaign #IDrAwHOBIT, with the goal of telling through drawings what it means to fight homolesbobitransphobia and which role can art have in this fight.

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