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Event: Your Silence is Heard
Direction: Online Campaign by The Alliance of  Queer Egyptian Organizations (AQEO).
Date: From May 11th to May 17th, 2020
Info: May 11 will be The Egyptian day against homophobia and transphobia, , the 19th anniversary of the “Queen boat” or “Cairo 52″case when the Egyptian security forces arrested 52 persons and charged them with inciting immorality and obscenity. The arrested persons were exposed in different media platforms and tortured  during investigations through forced anal examinations. Many of the arrested persons were sentenced to prison for years. The “Cairo 52″case will always be an evidence on the Egyptian state brutality, abuse, and homophobia. The case will always be a memory for breaking the silence against injustice every year.

The change won’t happen through just words and talks, but by the embodiment of our words,  thoughts and our rebellion against injustice, we chose to have our campaign’s theme this year to be “Your Silence is Heard” because silence can be sometimes louder than words.

We stand here today against all discrimination of LGBTI community in Egypt .. In line with the international theme for the International Day Against Homophobia,and Transphobia “Breaking the Silence” we will shed light on domestic violence against members of the LGBTI community who struggle with violence from their family members and partners in the absence of anti discrimination laws or a will from the Egyptian state to stop these violations.

Event: The change is taking place (IDAHOBIT2020)
Direction: The change is taking place, like today 30 years ago, the change began from the World Health Organization by removing homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses, and since then the change has become faster and noticeable and telling members of the LGBT community that they are sick is not real anymore with the affirmation of the world’s largest medical edifice.

Today, after the passage of time and significant changes have occurred from the marriage legislation to LGBT members in some societies, and others that gave LGBT husbands / wifes the right to adopt, society in Egypt, the Arab world, and North Africa begins with small steps compared to other but large for us. Unconditional support towards members of the LGBTQ + community is always an incentive for many to accept themselves, their tendencies, and their identities. Therefore, today we highlight the positive support from every individual or organization who expressed their support. Change is taking place, a campaign launched by Rainbow Egypt on the International Day against Homophobia and Gender and Sexual transition to support members of the LGBT community everywhere. 

Change has happened, is happening, and it will happen.
Date: 17/5/2020
Time: 9 pm
Info: Event location: Egypt
Related Organization: Rainbow Egypt
Date of the event: 17/5/2020
Time of the event: 9 pm

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