When Love Rises – A Family Story in Uzbekistan

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My name is Dilya and I am now 45 years old. My partner’s name is Naima. Our story began when I was 35, and Naima 38. I was married and once again trying to glue together with my husband splinters of former love and to conceive a child. Everything was just like in everyone else’s life, but I so sharply felt the desire to be a woman who is loved, desired, who is cared for with tenderness. With Naima we met in a general company of girls, where she was with her partner. No signs of “trouble”. We met, laughed, made friends and I could not notice for a long time that Naima had special interest in me. But gradually our SMS became more frequent, the connection began to move to a new level. I realized that I was on the threshold of something that is not under my control and drags me into the country of “butterflies in the belly”))). Our date is considered May 24, 2007 and this is not our first meeting … We saw each other for the first time 2 years before this date .. We did not seek to flirt or have a banal fling… It happened on that day when I had a serious problem at work and in tears and snot I called the only person with whom I wanted to share my bitterness and only from her to hear the words of support. We met and kissed for the first time that evening, and the next day a luxurious bouquet was sent to work for me from an unknown person. It was from her and from that moment the point of no return came … We were drawn into a whirlwind consisting of love, tenderness, friendship and passion. It was the most difficult and happiest time . I was married, Naima was also in a relationship. And every day we realized that we can not refuse from each other and that there is a lot to be done to be together as a result. We were first condemned by many friends, we had to talk with those people who were in the relationship, the pain that we had to inflict on them such wounds, questions from parents, saying goodbye to ever conceiving a child… And each of these items were just hanging as a dumb-bell on us and, of course, sometimes it is scary to do what you think will later regret and perceive as a mistake of youth .. We all overcame this .. Naima is a wonderful person, a devoted friend and does not cease to treat me with the same tenderness and warmth as before .. We were accepted as a couple and are loved both by my my and her relatives .. We found new wonderful friends who understand and respect us .. In these ten years we have made successful careers and now plan to adopt a child. And I really hope that someday this kid will write his family history, starting with what an interesting family story his moms had!

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