Iranti-Org is coordinating the event that will take place on the 17th May 2013 on the southern side of Africa. The group has invited all LGBTI activists to participate in a joint action for May 17 and has joined forces this year with a wide range of different LGBTI organizations including TIA, FEW, CAL, HIVOS, GAL, ARASA, SHE, UTHINGO-THE RAINBOW and many others. In a press release Iranti-Org advised that, for May 17 this year, “we hope to inspire activists and community leaders to creatively think about the ways we can commemorate the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. We want to join in the global message that we will never be silent while we are under attack and being killed because of our sexual identity.”
Activists have already elaborated an incredibly creative programme, which will mark a key element in the IDAHO Global Rainbow Flashmob – now comprising actions in over 25 different countries. As organisers explained:
“Our planned actions for the day will be in the city of Johannesburg. We want to spread awareness and our activities include a flash mob dance, (pride face painting, body paints) then we’ll be marching from the “House of Movements” where Iranti-org is based to another section of the city. We also hope to release balloons which will be in rainbow colours and also have a huge banner in a form of the Pride flag, stating “they will never kill us all.” Then later on in the day we will be hosting other activities at our offices… the activities will include music, interactions and a dance act with glow in the dark paints. All LGBTIQ groups will bring materials and participate in making this day a public success.”
On Monday, April 8, activists held an opening planning session involving creative arts such as face painting (see image!). They also produced a new video – asking people to raise their voices on May 17th – which you can see here. They will be updating the IDAHO team with more information shortly.
For more information see the Iranti-Org website website or get in touch directly with organisers via getinfo@iranti-org.co.za

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