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From event organisers:

“Visible and brave: traditional Rainbow flasmob took place in Zaporizhzhia
Zaporizhzhia, a city in south-eastern Ukraine, for the first time in its history held an absolutely open and a widely announced IDAHOT event in front of the city council, which is a very brave step for such hostile to human rights countries as Ukraine.
Participants of the rally called “Rainbow Flashmob” came with posters of all colours of the rainbow and a big inscription “We are visible” – a motto of this year’s rally – to express solidarity with the rest of the world which celebrates 17 May. At the end of the action activists released colourful balloons into the sky.
“Homosexuality is not officially considered a disease from 1990. However, a lot of Ukrainians still believe that it can be “propagated”, “imposed” or “transmitted” as a disease. We are here to show that the LGBT community is an equal part of Ukraine,”- said Rostyslav Milevskyi, the head of Gender Z NGO that organized the action.
“This peaceful action is a good way to attract attention to the issue. We need to talk about discrimination because stereotypes make problems in our lives. I am here because I want to change this,” -said Tina Sobko, a participant of the flashmob.
“I decided to be there because this is a little step to a big target. I want to support everyone who is facing pressure. I want to show who I am and tell them that there are no reasons to offend me or my friends,” – added another activist, Anna Chasova.
However, at the very end of the event an unknown man threw a petard into the crowd of police and journalists. One police officer was wounded in his leg. The police instantly responded and arrested the offender. The court has already remanded him to house arrest until an investigation is going on.”
Zaporizhzhia first LGBT event, Ukraine

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