The global It Gets Better project mobilises all its affiliates for IDAHOT 2015


The It Gets Better Project brings messages of hope to LGBT youth around the world and works globally to effect change in local communities.
Building on the momentum of the international videos, the Project has deployed programs to benefit LGBT youth on six continents.
Responding to the global IDAHOT 2015 focus on LGBTI Youth, all IGB affiliates have rolled up their sleeves to deliver a vast programme of action!
PORTUGAL: Tudo Vai Melhorar will be holding a “Free Hugs” campaign on the streets of Lisbon and Porto to spread acceptance and love rather than homophobia and transphobia. They’ve successfully done this in the past, and hope to have greater success this year (
MEXICO: Todo Mejora México is working with popular trans YouTuber Victoria Volkóva to release a compilation of video clips from her followers telling the world in 20 seconds or less how thing get better for them when they’re not faced with homophobia and transphobia (to be released on May 17).
ITALY: Le Cose Cambiano, in cooperation with college students of Progetto Prisma and the girls from Gruppo InContrO Liceo Govone (a local GSA), as well other LGBT-friendly associations (like Amnesty International), will be staging a flashmob in the streets of Bologna for IDAHOT. These groups will also come together on May 19 for a discussion on LGBT representation in YA books and on May 20 to celebrate the release of the Italian translation of Ian Rivers’ book, “Homophobic Bullying.”
CHILE: Todo Mejora will be releasing a music video they produced with Chilean artist Francisca Valenzuela called Insulto(“Insult”), an inspiring song about overcoming bullying for LGBT youth (check out the lyrics video here: Together with GLSEN (a U.S.-based education network), Todo Mejora will also be releasing the Spanish edition of the Safe Space Kit, a guide on how to be an ally to LGBT students.
MOLDOVA: Egali will be co-hosting a series of events in the days leading up to, on, and following IDAHOT. These include the 14th Annual Pride Festival (titled “Rainbows over Dniester”), the 3rd Annual Pride March for Equality, and an LGBT family conference (titled “Our Families Here and Now”)
BRAZIL: For IDAHOT this year, Tudo Vai Melhorar Brasil will be co-hosting “De que lado vocÊ samba?,” an event to highlight the value of Brazilian culture and music while representing aspects of sexual diversity in Brazilian society. The event will feature local artists, musical performances, video displays, and graffiti exhibits.
AUSTRIA: Es Wird Besser Osterreich and the City of Vienna Anti-Discrimination Unit for Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender People will be hosting a panel discussion titled “Building Bridges for LGBTI Youth” for IDAHOT. Dan Savage and Terry Miller will be participating on the panel as special guests. While visiting the country, they will also be participating in a reading on May 19 and a press corner — “Human Rights Café” — on May 20
AUSTRALIA: It Gets Better Australia will be holding ItGetsBetterLIVE, a multi-performance event headlined by popular girl group, G.R.L, on May 3. They will be giving a shout-out to IDAHOT during the performances and hope to release a recorded version of the event on YouTube on May 17.
UNITED STATES: During the week of IDAHOT, the It Gets Better Project (together with ‘artivist,’ Daniel Arzola) will be releasing a series of articles and artist-rendered graphics online that portray the many facets of queer identity as shared by LGBT youth from around the world. Additionally, the Project’s International Program Coordinator will be in Moldova with Egali to speak at their LGBT family conference and to participate in the annual Pride festival and march in Chisinau.
Following tradition, the Project will also be posting, tweeting, and sharing about all of the wonderful moments being had on IDAHOT this year. Make sure to check out to catch all of the incredible updates coming in from our affiliates and friends from around the world!

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