Several activities to commemorate IDAHOT in Macedonia

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The National Network against Homophobia and Transphobia of Macedonia has planned several activities to celebrate IDAHOT, starting with actions and flashmob before May 17 to mobilise for the main activities.

Photo: March for Tolerance in Macedonia, November 2013
1. Public activity / flash mob against homophobia and transphobia – the specific topic of the activity is still under preparation within the Network. It will be held in the period 10-16.05.2014 and it will be used as an annunciation for the main activities
2. Public event for IDAHOT: The Network is in communication with the City and is in the process of securing space in the City Park for public social event in commemoration of
IDAHOT. The event will include a music program, speeches by LGBTI and Human Rights activists and experts, info booths with promotional and educational material etc.
3. Public panel debate on the topic of discrimination against LGBTI and diversities inside the LGBTI community: The LGBTI Support Centre is in the process of organising a public panel debate at which Macedonian, Spanish and Greek LGBTI NGO representatives will participate, each presenting the experience of LGBTI issues within their respective countries.
4. Participating in the No Hate Speech Movement (supported by Council of Europe): The LGBTI Support Centre will join this movement via blog post that represents the reality LGBTI people face in Macedonia today. The final report, which will contain information from the blog posts, will be reviewed by the Commissioner for Human Rights of Council of Europe.
The mission of the LGBTI Support Centre is strengthening the LGBTI community for self-advocacy, as well as changing the social and legal status of LGBTI people in the Republic of Macedonia. To visit their website click here or visit their Facebook page.

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