São Paulo Pride Parade Now Largest in the World for 10 Years


Yesterday, Sunday May 2, an estimated 3 million people turned out to show their support for LGBT rights in Brazil and internationally, in the country’s largest city and economic powerhouse.
São Paulo pride parade entered into popular culture as the largest pride parade on the planet in 2004, with its inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. The first pride parade in São Paulo was held in 1997, with just several thousand participants present.
The parade was marked by the presence of various movement friendly politicians including Minister of Culture and former city mayor Marta Suplicy, the current Sao Paulo city mayor, Fernando Haddad, and former “Big Brother Brasil” winner, and federal congressman, Jean Wyllys.
Daniella Mercury, a popular Brazilian singer, who recently made headlines by coming out as a lesbian, also lead the parade out with a live performance, and by kissing her partner. “The constitution accepts everyone the way they are” she said.

“Feliciano, any way of loving is worth it”

She also sang in reference to the federal congressman Marco Feliciano. Connected to the evangelical wing of the Congress, the highly controversial President of the Commission of Human Rights is widely recognised as homophobic, racist and far-right in orientation. His appointment has prompted a massive wave of backlashes from civil society groups this year.
First reports by police indicate that no serious incidents occurred during or after the parade. Just two police detentions were registered. The parade was subject to consistent rain however.
Reports O Globo, ‘The atmosphere of peace was clear already hours before the start of the party… umbrellas and waterproofs were fundamental items, principally for who dressed up or wore heavy make-up… Others protected themselves under the gigantic rainbow flag.’
For original content (in Portuguese) see: http://g1.globo.com/sao-paulo/noticia/2013/06/chuva-protestos-e-musica-marcam-parada-gay-de-2013.html
Photo credits: J. Duran Machfee/Futura Press/Estadão Conteúdo

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