Peru IDAHO Report 2012


annual reportfocused on LGBT human rights cases in 2011. The report followed the enforcement of the Peruvian government’s commitments to the Yogyakarta Principles.
It included a denouncement of the so-called “curative therapies” promoted by some clinics and religious centers, which have the support of some Peruvian universities.
Activists also held a movie festival, a forum on “LGBT Health and Human Rights”, a bike rally and urban interventions in Lima, Iquitos and San Martin in the Amazonian part of Peru. A photo contest and lectures in universities were also held in the northern region.
The IDAHO Lesson was also taught, in which it was hoped would be the beginning of a continuous action to promote a better understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity among teachers and education students, and to encourage action to recognize, prevent and redress homo/transphobic violence.
A seminar on “Sexuality, Diversity and Citizenship in Clinical Practice” was also held to provide health professionals with information about sexuality and sexual diversity and gender identity that is not currently covered in vocational training curricula of vocational training for use in clinical practice.
Councillors presented a motion before the Metropolitan Council of Lima to mark May 17 each year as Lima Day Against Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. The motion was signed by the majority of councillors present at the meeting. The purpose of this initiative is to raise awareness about homo/lesbo/transphobia.

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