Personal is Political

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“Feminism matters because it helped me to question, to understand how heterosexuality and gender is a social construction, to realize that there is a lot of work that can be done to change things, because they are not ‘natural’ or immovable.
Personal is political, understand that phrase made me see the power relations between people, genders, institutions, religions, schools, also between women; and learn to distinguish different ways to understand and use it. With the feminist movement I’ve been learning about the importance of collective reflection, collective work in order to transform the different realities we face day by day and make our voices count.
That’s why, part of my efforts at Clóset de Sor Juana had been the voice, voice to sing and, at the same time, voice to fight, to look between us, not different, but diverse; to link our experiences as lesbians, bisexual and transgender women to transform discrimination contexts with choral music to get that message as many people as possible.”
Josefina Valencia Toledano, El Clóset de Sor Juana, Mexico

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