Nicaragua IDAHO Report 2012

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Activists in Nicaragua organized an extensive program to commemorate IDAHO 2012 and discussed measures to address harassment based on sexual orientation and gender identity and homo/lesbo/transphobic violence.
Activities included two press conferences; a march against harassment and hate crimes; a meeting with officials from the Department of Chinandega to present the Minimum Agenda of Human Rights, Sexual Diversity in Nicaragua; a meeting with officers of the municipality of Centro La Paz to discuss harassment and hate crimes in the municipality; the convening of the first national meeting on an analysis of sexual diversity in Nicaragua; a video forum on LGBT discrimination; the setting up of an information table on human rights; the collection of signatures to present to the National Assembly demanding a declaration of a National Day to Combat Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity; and the holding of the first National Forum on Harassment and Hate Crimes.

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