Montenegro IDAHO Report 2012

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A historic LGBT event took place in Montenegro to mark IDAHO 2012, namely a protest in front of the Turkish embassy. Participants’ cars were protected by the police, and protestors carried banners saying “Never hush, never share a crime”, which were written in English, Montenegrin and Turkish. Other banners spread words of love in the spirit of tolerance.
Photos of the two latest victims of homo/transphobia were laid alongside flowers and candles at the entrance to the embassy. A strong message was addressed to the Turkish Prime Minister, President and the Turkish Ambassador in Montenegro.
Activists also created a campaign entitled “Live Your Life” aimed at increasing the level of knowledge and awareness about homo/transphobia in Montenegrin society. The campaign represents the aspiration to create conditions in which LGBT people can fully enjoy respect and equality. It was also a message for other citizens to reconsider their actions and become aware of how hatred can influence words and actions.

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