Looking Ahead: Sweden in 2016

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Once again, Swedish activists have promised a varied campaign of protests, events and celebrations to mark IDAHOT 2016.
In Stockholm, the local Amnesty International group have called on people to come out for an IDAHOT ‘kiss-in’. The event, organized alongside local LGBT campaigners, will gather hundreds of demonstrators to ‘make out and make change’.
Stockholm will also host a special post-IDAHOT event on May 18th. Organised by Tupilac, ILGCN and Bears International the event is held in solidarity with activists from Bangladesh and Armenia currently facing extreme persecution for their work. A special skål (Swedish toast) will be held to celebrate international efforts, including IDAHOT founder Louis-Georges Tin. The event will also be the announcement of details for the 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Arts Month, which will take place in October 2016.
In Linköping, RFSL Linköping have planned a day of events to celebrate diversity within the local community. Activities will be held at a local library and will also have a focus on families and LGBT young people.
In Halmstad, local activists have organised a day of live performances to mark IDAHOT 2016. The event will feature feature and music from local artists and will hope to raise awareness of various issues facing the LGBT community.
On an international scale, Swedish furniture giants IKEA will hold an internal awareness week around May 17th during which a specially shot video bringing together its diversity & inclusion ambassadors from all over the world will be put online on May 17th in all IKEA countries.
For more information on events across the world please keep an eye out for our upcoming annual reports.

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