Looking ahead: IDAHOT 2016 in Albania

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In Tirana local activists will once again hold the Tirana Gay (p)Ride event for the 5th year running. The event invited the LGBT community and allies to come together for a bicycle-powered pride event taking place across the city. The event will see hundreds of campaigners, activists and supporters riding in the streets of Tirana to celebrate the LGBT community and to raise awareness of the discrimination and stigma many LGBT Albanians face. The event is organised by community groups Aleancia LGBT and Pro LGBT.
Also in Tirana, the Swedish Embassy will host a free screening of the film ‘Just A Normal Person’ to mark IDAHOT 2016.
To mark the day once more Pink Embassy, alongside OMSA and the Human Rights House Albania, will host the 6th annual IDAHOT festival. The event will take place from May 16 – 20 and will feature a number of events focused on tacking discrimination and other issues faced by the LGBT community.
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