Looking Ahead: Denmark in 2016

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Denmark will this year be host to one of the most significant events on the IDAHOT 2016 calendar. Copenhagen will this year host the 4th annual European IDAHO Forum. The event, titled “Building Bridges and Alliances”, will see international lawmakers and campaigners join together for two days of dialogue aimed at improving the situation of LGBTI individuals across Europe. As well as focusing on social integration within mainstream society the forum will also hope to address LGBTI inclusion within the workforce.
From high-level government officials to local activists from communities across Europe, the event will hope to foster a meaningful dialogue that leads to real change across the region. Previous European IDAHO Forums have helped build incredible inter-European connections and has led to a number of high-profile events and campaigns.
In Rådhusbladsen, campaigners from Copenhagen Pride will host their annual gathering for IDAHOT 2016.
Also in Copenhagen, activists from LGBT Danmark will hold a side-event alongside the IDAHO Forum. The mini-conference, titled Still Much To Be Done, will focus on LGBTI politics in Europe.
Stay tuned for further updates and our annual reports to see how Denmark marked IDAHOT 2016.

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