Looking Ahead: Cuba in 2016

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Recent political changes in Cuba have been a significant help to LGBTI and human rights activists working in the country. As the LGBTI community continues to grow more visible so does the range of campaigns and events held in the name of equality.
This year we’re expecting a number of incredible events for IDAHOT 2016, both large and small, and eagerly await news from local activists on the ground.
In Havana, Mariela Castro’s organization CENESEX will hold the “Jornada contra la Homofobia y la Transfobia” for the 9th consecutive year, with a series of events that will take place in different cities in Cuba from May 10th to 21st, ending with the now traditional IDAHOT parade which promises once again to be a huge festive event.
For more information and further updates please look out for our upcoming annual reports!

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