Lebanon Country Page 2019

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Lebanon is the first Arab country to hold open public LGBTIQ+ events. Despite risks from the conservative society, events are happening publicly.

A group of unnamed activists hired two boats to sail out to Raouche Rock, an iconic sight of Lebanon. Around the natural monument, the group held and waved a Pride and trans flag as journalists took pictures.

Around 50 bars in downtown Beirut also flew rainbow flags.

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Mena Organization for Services, Advocacy, Integration and Capacity building

Mena Organization for Services, Advocacy, Integration and Capacity building (MOSAIC), organized a photography exhibition, “Pending Messages“. As part of IDAHOTB 2019, MOSAIC with the support of Lebanon Humanitarian Fund has showcased the work of the participants of their Photography Workshop, led by the acclaimed photographer Marwan Tahtah. Over the span of several weeks, participants learned the technical and artistic aspects of photography, equipping them with the skills needed to share and express their own narratives.

“Pending Messages” is a 3-day exhibition, opening on May 16th at 6:00 PM and will continued through the 17th and 18th from 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM at Station Beirut, Jisr El Wati, Beirut.

Embassies in Lebanon

Embassy of Cyprus – Beirut, Embassy of Belgium in Beirut, Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon, Embassy of the UK in Lebanon, Embassy of Mexico in Beirut, Embassy of Germany in Lebanon, Embassy of Spain in Lebanon, Embassy of Canada to Lebanon, Embassy of the Uruguay in Lebanon, The Danish Embassy in Beirut and European Union in Lebanon raised Pride Flag in their respective premises.

An interesting article by Asia Times talking about why MAY 17 matters and why it is increasingly difficult for civil society organisations to mobilise

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