Indonesia IDAHO Report 2012

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“Love is Love” is the theme of this year’s IDAHO celebrations in Indonesia, with a series of events running throughout the month of May.
One of the target groups for this year’s activities is schools, where homophobia and transphobia are rampant.
The activities – carried out under the umbrella of the Indonesian LGBTIQ Forum – include:
- Radio talk shows: The LGBTIQ Forum will collaborate with a number of radio stations to educate people about homophobia and transphobia.
- A road show to schools and universities: In line with this year’s IDAHO campaign theme “Fighting homo/transphobia IN and THROUGH education”, the LGBTIQ Forum will draw attention to the homophobia and transphobia that are so prevalent in schools, colleges and universities. They will hold discussions and distribute leaflets at selected senior high schools, the National Islamic University, and the University of Indonesia, where they will screen the recent film “Sanubari Jakarta”.
- A drag king and drag queen show: To celebrate the complex sexual orientation and gender identity diversity, the LGBTIQ Forum will hold drag contests for lesbian tomboys dressed as feminine/queens, and for transgender women/effeminate gays dressed as machos. This is to underscore the fact that sexual orientation and gender identity can be very fluid.
- LGBTIQ Pride: A demonstration will be held in the center of Jakarta, with people carrying placards related to “Love is Love” and wearing colorful dresses as a symbol of diversity.
- LGBTIQ Cycling: A bike ride or walk around the city center wearing pink T-shirts will be held. The only message on show will be the words “Love is Love”, along with a rainbow flag.
Participating organizations are:
Ardhanary Institute Arus Pelangi Our Voice GWL-INA Yayasan Inter Medika Kresna Duta Foundation Institute Pelangi Perempuan HerLounge Perempuan Mahardhika Yayasan Srikandi Sejati Sanggar Waria Remaja

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