IDAHOT Report 2016: Denmark

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Denmark this year showed one of the most important commitments to IDAHOT 2016. Efforts from activists, campaigners and policy makers helped this year to make Denmark one a center of IDAHOT activity in Europe, and one of the most important countries on an international scale.
The 4th annual IDAHO Forum this year took place in Copenhagen, where policy makers, campaigners and professionals from various backgrounds gathered for a number of talks, discussions and presentations. During the event information was presented by experts on various topics, including discrimination and stigma, and various dialogues focused around how the international community can work together to support the equality of LGBT individuals.
The event was also opened by Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, who called upon more action to be taken, and helped bring the IDAHO Forum agenda to the international media.
The event also featured a number of side-events organized by local campaigners. A mini-conference titled ‘Still Much To Be Done’ was organized by Danish campaigners and focused on the work of European organizations, and how campaigners can support equality across the continent.
Also in Copenhagen, Copenhagen Pride held their annual event on the weekend of IDAHOT 2016. The event saw hundreds gather for a celebration of sexual and gender diversity.
On an international level, several Danish embassies and diplomatic services also helped to promote the message of IDAHOT 2016 by supporting local actions, hosting events and sharing messages of support online.

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