IDAHOT Report 2016: Azerbaijan

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In Azerbaijan, campaigners from AZAD LGBT produced and released a short film to mark IDAHOT 2016. The film, Bir Ushaq Var (There’s One Kid), aims to show people in Azerbaijan that LGBT people live normal lives across all aspects of society. The video highlights the typical lives that LGBT people live, and how they are just like the rest of the population, despite the persecution they face.
The video was released in the week of IDAHOT and is available to watch online with English subtitles.
The video release was also part of a broader ongoing campaign from AZAD LGBT, who hope to draw attention to the discrimination facing LGBT people, while also tackling negative and hurtful opinions. The group have recently also released a ‘toolkit’ for parents, families and teachers hoping to learn more about LGBTI issues in young people.

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