IDAHOT Report 2016: Albania

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Activists this year brought a full calendar of events to Albania, making Tirana and the country once again an amazing centre of LGBT activism.
The Tirana Gay (p)Ride was held again for the 5th consecutive year. Hundreds of campaigners and supporters from the LGBT community joined together for a bicycle-powered pride event that took place across the city. As well as raising awareness of various LGBT issues the event, organized by Aleancia LGBT and Pro LGBT, hoped to tackle attitudes and stigma that contribute to marginalization of the LGBT community.
Tirana pride
Also in the city, the Swedish Embassy to Albania held a public film screening on the evening of May 17.
Throughout the week of IDAHOT, Pink Embassy, alongside OMSA and the Human Rights House Albania, held the country’s 6th annual IDAHOT festival. The event took place from May 16 – 20 and featured a range of events focused on tackling discrimination and various issues faced by the LGBT community.

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