IDAHOT Report 2014: Paraguay

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As in previous years, activists organised a Besatón (kiss-in) outside of the National Congress building in commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. The initiative was organised by the group SOMOSGAY, at the Plaza de Armas, opposite the Paraguayan Congress, where participants (both LGBT and straight allies) dressed in the colors of the rainbow for this celebration.

Paraguayan LGBTI activists and allies hold a kiss-in outside of the National Congress for IDAHOT 2014

Under the slogan “All we need is love” and in a campaign which courted both national and international press, the IDAHOT 2014 Besatón was attended by Paraguayan Congressional deputies, who year after year demonstrate their support for LGBTI rights.
“Today, like every year is an invitation for people to join us in front of the National Congress, which is the residence of the power of a republic, to demand that the Republic of Paraguay recognizes full equality of rights for all” said Simon Cazal , CEO of SOMOSGAY in an interview for the newspaper Ultima Hora.
“The only thing Paraguay has different in relation to the Middle East is that homosexuality is not punished by law between adults, but we also have no legislative framework to protect us”, concluded the director SOMOSGAY in an interview for the digital portal.
The event captured the attention of national and international media.

Through this and other actions, SOMOSGAY sought to fight hatred of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and to sensitize the public, in an act which stands as a symbol of hope and diversity.

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